Ubisoft's Gods & Monsters likely has its new name

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated a game called "Immortals: Fenyx Rising" by Ubisoft for PC and consoles.

It's highly likely this is the new title for the delayed Gods & Monsters, which was originally supposed to release in February this year. Back when an old demo of the game briefly leaked on Stadia, Ubisoft called it "the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters" in a statement to Kotaku, and planned to reveal more info towards the "end of summer".

Seeing as the protagonist's name is Fenyx, this is probably the new name. As this is one of five games Ubisoft wants to release until April 2021, this is also a good candidate for a reveal during the next Ubisoft Forward event in September. Since Gods & Monsters has been unveiled at E3 2019, news about the game have been basically nonexistent. It's an open-world game in a world of Greek myths, featuring a more whimsical and cartoon-y style than Ubisoft's regular output, especially Assassin's Creed Odyssey, with which it shares its team. I'm all for more lighthearted games going forward, and Greek myths are as popular with the rest of the world as they apparently are with this specific development team, so I'm looking forward to more. Not that I've finished Odyssey. Some games are meant to be enjoyed forever.