Tyranny, the be-the-bad-guy fantasy RPG, is coming in November

Obsidian's fantasy RPG Tyranny is set in a world in which evil has won, something Chris described in his preview as feeling "like a sequel to a game we haven't played or a story we've never read." It was first revealed to the world in March of this year, and today the studio announced that it will be released on November 10. 

Tyranny is available for preorder now on Steam in three separate editions, ranging from $45/£35 to $80/£61, with various extras thrown in as you climb the ladder o' price. The basic Commander edition comes with the game, plus ringtones, a forum icon, and forum avatars; the Archon edition adds on a digital map, short story collection, "signed" wallpapers, the soundtrack, and more avatars; and the top-tier Overlord edition tacks on a digital collector's guide book and art book. 

We spoke with Obsidian's Brian Heins and Josh Sawyer at PAX West about player choice, the lessons of the studio's previous RPG, Pillars of Eternity, and what the future holds, which you can (and if you're an RPG fan, definitely should) dig into here.

Andy Chalk

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