Two years later, Fall Guys now has crossplay

Fall Guys
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys' preposterous obstacle courses are better with friends, or at least funnier, so it's welcome news that crossplay has rolled out today as part of a new update. Crossplay functionality has kinda been in Fall Guys for a while, but only for its custom games. Now you can match up with PS4 and PS5 friends in all playlists. 

To do that you'll all need to have Fall Guys linked with an Epic Account, and you'll need to be friends with your console buddy on Epic. Then, just hit 'invite players' in-game. For those exclusively on Xbox and Nintendo consoles, ports for those platforms will also include crossplay functionality, when they release.

In the 'near-future' a new mode will roll out in the form of Sweet Thieves, which has two teams—thieves and guardians—stealing and protecting candy pieces respectively. "Whilst the Thieves navigate the level to secure and steal candy pieces, Guardians must locate and detain them, and ultimately send the Thieves to Jail," Mediatonic writes. Thieves can be freed by their teammates, and interestingly the Fall Guys will, for the first time, be able to walk

The update also includes some fixes, ranging from online matchmaking quirks (custom lobbies won't boot all players after the first playthrough) through to tweaks to specific game modes (in Jump Showdown, you can't avoid the spinning bars by standing on the central pillar anymore). The full list of bug fixes are here.

Fall Guys Season 6 kicked off in November, and given the usual four-month timeframe for these —and considering this update is the mid-season update—expect Season 7 to kick off in late March, with more details on that in the coming weeks.

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