Two Point Hospital teases ghost infestations and patients who think they're rock stars

Two Point Hospital has a new gameplay demo that teases two new illnesses, and explains how we'll cure them. Rid your healthcare organisation of Ghost Infestations and victims of Mock Star.  

As discussed by community manager Lauran Carter and brand manager Craig Laycock in the following five minute short, hospital ghosts represent the recently deceased and can takeover wards and hallways at an alarming rate. Janitors can be trained as custodian ghostbusters, whereby cordless vacuums are used to suck up the offending infestations. Janitors can then perform posthumous assessments. 

"As they do that, they're actually gaining research points," says Laycock below. "You can find out what killed the person, and, potentially, use their ectoplasm or their spiritual form to research and learn about the disease."

Mock Star, on the other hand, is a condition treated by psychiatrists. As shown above, treating this illness involves the universally recognised doctor-patient-comfy couch trifecta—whereafter your man returns to his regular state. I must say, I much preferred his Freddie Mercury-styled look beforehand. But I guess I'm no doctor.  

After going hands on in May, Samuel said Theme Hospital fans are getting the exact game they want with Two Point. Its coherent blend of old versus new struck a chord with him—which is something I felt on a superficial level when spying the Sonic arcade cabinet that pops up at 4.40 above. 

I look forward to digging in some more when Two Point Hospital arrives in "Q4 2018".