Two Point Campus reveals new magic course: Wizardry

Two Point Campus isn't your ordinary education sim. Though you'll be put to the test creating courses, campuses, and extra curricular activities for your students, they're not exactly the regular sort. In the hands-on preview we saw Scientography and Gastronomy, both unusual takes on regular studies. Now with a new reveal, Two Point Campus will eventually give you the opportunity to teach your students witchcraft and wizardry. 

Two Point Campus's new Wizardry course will allow you to teach students the basics of magic. Obviously inspired by Hogwarts this addition to the game comes with its very own enchanted theme campus Spiffinmoore. Complete with mist and mysticism, this looks like a neat little annex to your academic adventures already. 

The video Two Point Studios has released shows off exactly what this course looks like from the huge campus itself to some of the necessary equipment. The details from mountains of books to the piles of potions are all welcome fine points to make the course feel just right. 

(Image credit: Sega / Two Point Studios)

The press release details the course: "Make sure that your students study properly and hone their skills in the Spellroom to compete in magical duels, and watch the sparks fly. The better your students do, the stronger their magic becomes. They’ll need it, too, what with the occasional ancient curse and nefarious enemy looming about."

Two Point Campus was originally set for a May release but was moved back a few months to make sure the game was optimised for every release platform. We'll have to wait a little longer to get back to school, sadly, but I'm sure that time will fly by like, say, a broomstick. Oh, or like a bat. Or an owl. I don't know, something magic based and aerial, you've got a lot to choose from. 

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