Twitch's Indie Showcase will feature Garden Story, Nuts, Werewolf, and more

(Image credit: Picogram)

The relentless cavalcade of online events continues tomorrow with Twitch's Indie Showcase, an up-close look at "hidden gems" chosen by the Twitch community that will include gameplay, developer interviews, and a few special Easter eggs.

The Indie Showcase lineup includes:

The showcase isn't focused on new announcements—most of the games on display, including Garden Story, Haven, Liberated, and Nuts, have been out in the open for a while now. But they look very promising, and this will be a good opportunity to get a closer look at what they're all about and where their development currently stands.

Twitch's Indie Showcase is set to begin at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on July 28.

Andy Chalk

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