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Twitch is handing out deodorant at PAX East

Twitch deodorant

Photo credit: Dave Oshry

Big gaming conventions are generally pretty fantastic things—gatherings where people of all stripes can come together to celebrate their collective passion for videogames. But there are drawbacks, too, one of them being that packing a big crowd into a small space for hours on end can occasionally result in a certain, shall we say, eau de pew. Fortunately for those of you currently muscling your way through PAX East, Twitch is here to help.

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The underarm generosity was recognized on Twitter earlier today by Cliff Bleszinski, the head honcho at LawBreakers studio Boss Key, who described Twitch succinctly as the “hero we need.” The heroism was confirmed by Dave Oshry of New Blood Interactive, who seemed to be so touched by the gesture that he actually (virtually) shed tears.

It's amusing, but also a sharp bit of marketing: Old Spice is sponsoring Twitch's “Partner Meet and Greet Zone” at this year's event. And believe it or not, Twitch has confirmed that it's got enough to cover all three days of PAX action. I can't even imagine how much deodorant that is.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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