Turtle Rock still likes Valve, could go back to Left 4 Dead

There's a lot riding on Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming first-person shooter Evolve . As its first project after Left 4 Dead, Evolve needs to prove not only that the studio can capture lightning in a bottle once again, but that it can do it without the help of Valve. But, as a recent interview reveals, Turtle Rock hasn't ruled out coming back to Valve and Left 4 Dead in the future.

"I would," Turtle Rock Studio Head Chris Ashton told Game Informer when asked if he'd consider working with Valve again. "It would have to be a decision with a lot people, but for sure. I'd work on Left 4 Dead tomorrow. There's a lot of stuff we didn't get to do."

In the short documentary, Ashton and co-Studio Head Phil Robb talked about their time in the industry, from their early jobs at Command & Conquer developer Westwood Pacific, to Valve, to forming their current independent studio. It goes over a lot of information you might not have heard about before, like how Left 4 Dead evolved out of Counter-Strike bot matches, that the team was working on a Wizard FPS after Left 4 Dead, and the Gabe Newell is as smart as you imagine.

"I think a lot of people are intimidated by him because he's very quiet," Robb said. "And when he does talk he'll throw out some very poignant and intelligent shit that takes you off guard. He's just sitting there and you forget that he's there, and then he asks you this question and a lot of the time you don't even know how to answer."

Eventually the video gets around to Evolve, which Ashton said Valve "didn't have any interest in," given its increased focus on Steam, Dota 2, and its other games. There isn't any new information about the game itself to speak of, but it's a really interesting story of how it got funded. You can find it on YouTube .