Try a demo for Ferret Scoundrels, the pirate adventure where everyone is a ferret

Ferret Scoundrels is an open-world pirate adventure game: Explore, plunder, trade, forge alliances, go to war, and carve out your swashbuckling legend on the lawless high seas. There's just one catch. You're a ferret. Everyone's a ferret. Why? I do not know. It is what it is. 

If I had to guess I'd say it might be because turning everyone into boop-nosed fur snake is a relatively simple way to make this open-world pirate game stand out from others that are currently available and further along on the development track. That might come off as a little cynical, especially in the face of such adorable weaselly cuteness, but the Steam listing doesn't really clarify the situation—it's literally just ferrets instead of people: 

"Ferretkind have traveled outside of their comfort zone to scratch out a living in the inhospitable, but profitable, high seas - filled with adventure and newly discovered trade goods. This expansion across the ocean grew faster than the law could ever hope to keep up. Dangerous and ill mannered pirates have scoured the seas unquestioned. Powerful trading guilds have long established and vigorously defended trade-routes. Only now, after countless years of lawlessness, 'The Admiralty' are strengthening their grasp on this dangerous new world. After spending all of your life savings, you purchase a meager vessel and set sail to this new world." 

The important thing, though, is whether or not it's actually any good, or at the very least shows the potential to be. Which is why we're here: An Early Access release is planned for this summer but before that happens, developer Cryogenic Entertainment has released a demo for all to try. The two-man team is "hoping to get as much feedback as possible before we go into early access, so please feel free to try the game out and let us know what you think." 

The studio didn't say what the demo covers, although the trailer showcases combat, commerce, and conversations, which seems like a pretty well-rounded mix of stuff to do. It will only be available for two weeks (the Steam listing says "limited time," but Cryogenic clarified the duration in an email), so if you're curious (and come on, it's pirate ferrets—how could you not be at least a little curious?), grab it while you can. More information about Ferret Scoundrels is up at

Andy Chalk

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