Tropical first-person adventure Call of the Sea gets a December release date

Back in May, Call of the Sea immediately stood out with its incredibly lush island environments and dense soundscape. We'll be off for a tropical getaway to the Pacific soon, when the game releases on December 8.

In Call of the Sea you take the role of Norah, a woman who travels all the way to an unnamed island in the Pacific to find her explorer husband in 1934. When she gets there, she finds the wreck of a large ship, ruined and washed ashore, as well as mysterious ruins that hint at prior civilisations. One scene in the trailer also shows something or someone, presumably Norah, dive deep in the ocean with webbed hands, so there seems to be some magic involved, too.

The first-person gameplay will involve general exploration and plenty of puzzle solving in front of beautiful backdrops. Developer Out of the Blue has also promised an "emotional character study" of Norah. A game in which a 1930s housewife turns into an Indiana Jones-type explorer sounds like a unique idea, and I'm curious to see how it works out.