Troll and I story trailer has forest fires, harpoon guns and invisibility magic

When Spiral House and Maximum Games teased Troll and I's first cinematic trailer last month, it wasn't too clear what was actually going on—beyond the fact a gargantuan troll and a young boy had joined forces in order to evade some pretty angry pursuers. We learned a little bit about the co-op adventure game's combat—a system that "allows contrasting abilities for each character" whereby each "employs their own distinct presence" in solving puzzles and fending off rivals—however not that much about its story. 

The latest story trailer expectedly sheds a wee bit of light on that.

Tracking the adventures of a teenage lad named Otto and his unlikely friendship with a troll, Troll and I takes place in the "majestic mountains" of post WW2, 1950's Scandinavia. Hunters are in pursuit of the perceived monstrous creature and, as young Otto has recently moved into the woods to "live in harmony with nature", he befriends the beast out of a shared love of the wilderness. 

"As greedy men burned the world," says Otto in the trailer above, "seeking to make a trophy out of legend they misunderstood; as blind men tear apart the mountains, releasing forces that they cannot imagine, it is no longer enough simply to survive here: we will fight to defend our home."  

Cue burning woods, angry harpoon-blasting hunters, weird invisibility spells, and the eponymous troll bursting out from beneath a wooden bridge (nudge, nudge, wink, wink):

Should you wish, you can do all of that in single-player, switching between both characters as you go, or locally with a pal when Troll and I launched on March 21 in the US, and March 24, 2017 in Europe.