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New map coming in Killing Floor 2's first content update

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Killing Floor 2 Manor map

In the inaugural "State of the Killing Floor 2 Union Address," Tripwire Interactive says work on bug fixes and balance changes is proceeding apace, and that the first content update, including a new map called "Manor," is on the way.

"Everybody here is working hard away at something," the studio wrote. "For some their task of investigating the critical bugs and crashes continues. While we fixed many of these with hotfixes and the first patch, there are still some left lurking that aren't giving us good data. To that end with the next update will include some additional logging and catching mechanism in hopes of getting us more information to address these issues."

The "next visible piece" in the Killing Floor 2 puzzle is the Manor map, a swanky joint in the Swiss Alps that you and your compadres have been hired to clear out. It's a work in progress, but the three screens Tripwire posted look quite nice. The studio added that it has "many irons in the fire"—maps, perks, weapons, characters, and bosses—and that more information will be revealed very soon.

Killing Floor 2 Manor map

Killing Floor 2 Manor map

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