Tripwire looks to the future at the PC Gamer Weekender

Killing Floor 2 caro

Tripwire Interactive will be hitting the stage at the PC Gamer Weekender to talk about Killing Floor 2, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and the future of the company.

President John Gibson will take the mic to discuss Killing Floor 2's journey through Early Access, and hint at what's next for 2016. John will be joined by Jack Hackett, producer at Antimatter Games, to reveal something "new and exciting" for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

Tripwire's Killing Floor was one of our favourite co-op shooters of its day, and the sequel stays true to the spirit of the original, with monstrous guns, hordes of enemies and buckets of thick, pooling blood. The sequel is sure to grow and expand over the coming years, so this is your chance to discover more about Tripwire's plans.

Meanwhile Rising Storm 2 will take Red Orchestra's high-lethality multiplayer combat to Vietnam. What surprises can we look forward to in the new setting?

Speaking of exclusive details, developers will be dropping plenty over the course of the weekend. A ticket grants you access to all of our sessions, which include exclusive showing of Star Citizen, Hitman, Stellaris, Frozen Synapse 2, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and many more. If you'd rather sit down to play some games, we've got plenty, including early access to Dark Souls 3 and Total War: Warhammer.

The PC Gamer Weekender takes place at the Old Truman Brewery in London on the 5/6 of March, which means you only have a couple of weeks to grab tickets! If you use the code PCG20 you'll get 20% off the price of a standard ticket. If you'd rather rinse our gaming zone for the full two days, you can pick up a PC Gamer Weekender Plus pass and enjoy a digital subscription to PC Gamer.

All tickets come with a free Steam key for Dustforce (90% in our review!), and Sega will be giving out scratchcards that guarantee visitors a free game from Sega's vast collection. Book now, before it's too late!


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