Trippy puzzle shoot-'em-up Dyad can be 'ad on PC next week

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We already knew (opens in new tab) that Dyad (opens in new tab) was coming to PC, but we didn't know exactly when . Now, thanks to a very beardy announcement video (opens in new tab) by its creator Shawn McGrath, we do. The inventive shmup/puzzle/miscellaneous thing-a-majig is coming to Steam and GOG this Wednesday, otherwise known as April 24th. I have no idea how to describe it, so I'm going to plagiarise our Phil Savage and call it "a game in which you hook and lance your multi-coloured enemies to build speed and complete a variety of objectives." To me, it looks like a Windows Media Player visualiser - but a very pretty one indeed.

As is traditional, Dyad will cost 10% less on Steam and GOG during the first week of sale, but if you pre-order through GOG (opens in new tab) you'll save another 10% on top of that. Speaking of which, here's a rather beautiful pre-order trailer.

(Thanks, Polygon (opens in new tab) .)

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