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Trials Fusion will finally get online multiplayer next year

Trials Fusion

Good things come to those who wait, but let's be honest: you'd be forgiven for having lost hope in the fabled Trials Fusion multiplayer mode, promised back in the days of yore. The good news is that it's coming to PC in 2015, but there's a beta you can sign up to right now. Multiplayer will support up to eight players in any given race, while teams can be formed with up to 50 members.

Multiplayer will boast three modes including Online X-Supercross, which is a high score mode, Private Game, which is -- you guessed it -- a fully customisable private mode, and Private Game with Spectator, which is also pretty self-explanatory.

Naturally, there are also leaderboards where both individual racers and teams will compete for the top spot. The multiplayer component will roll out for free some time in early 2015. PC Gamer's Ben Griffin quite liked Trials Fusion when it released back in April.

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