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Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max has launched, has a launch trailer


Trials Fusion is now a little more awesome. Not in the awe-inspiring sense; as if brought low to your knees in fearful reverence by the sight of something as unimaginable as it is all mighty. Rather in the modern sense; as if a cat was riding a unicorn.

The Awesome Level Max DLC is available now—well, as of yesterday—and brings 30 new tracks, 10 Supercross tracks and 30 track challenges across two new event types.

RedLynx has also released Trials Fusion: Awesome Max Edition. It's a bundle that contains the original game and all seven DLC packs. According to this launch trailer, it contains over 180 tracks.

I enjoyed Trials Fusion, which was a shame because I absolute adored Trials Evolution. It's hard to pinpoint why Fusion didn't work as well for me. Maybe it's as simple as the interface being a confusing, slow and clunky mess that made navigating between tracks a chore. Or that feature creep had started to set in through a mostly redundant tricks system. Or maybe it was the lack of this as an opening intro.

Nevertheless, £25/$40 seems reasonable enough for 180+ tracks of what is still a fun arcade game.

Phil Savage
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