Treasure Adventure World gets pre-order campaign thing, plus soaring new trailer

Treasure Adventure World - based on the lovely freeware platformer Treasure Adventure Game - is totally a thing , and as of it's totally a thing that you can pay for in advance of actually owning it. It's not a pre-order in the usual sense; it's one of those strange, slightly confusing pre-order crowdfunding things, where the game is getting made either way, albeit more slowly if it doesn't raise much cash. But if you want to get in on the ground floor of this reimagimake (trademark pending), this is the way .

$10 is enough to get you the game, while the top tier of $5000 will grant you coveted 'producer' status and a personal phone call from creator Stephen Orlando himself. Two of the six stretch goals have been revealed so far, and they're not very exciting. The first, seemingly pre-achieved, adds a full-length remixed soundtrack to the game, while the second will add the original main character and parrot sprites to the remake in the form of 'retro costumes'. This is somehow dependent on the team raising $50,000.

To support the campaign, Stephen Orlando and co. have released a soaring new trailer, below. Composer Robert Ellis , I salute you.

Tom Sykes

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