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Indie gem Treasure Adventure Game is getting an HD remake, with a beautiful new art style

If you haven't played Treasure Adventure Game , you should probably go and do that right now. It's an astonishingly lovely open world piratey platform game that took its creator, Stephen Orlando (or Robit Studios) around three years to make, before he gave us the whole damn thing for free. Now, over a year since its release, he's announced an HD remake/reimagining with an entirely new visual style, some new music by the original composer, lots of small tweaks, and a new game engine. Oh, and a new title: it's now known as Treasure Adventure World . You can see the debut trailer after the break.

As IndieStatik reveal in their announcement interview , Orlando's collaborating with Starbound developer Chucklefish on the game, with Christine Crossley drawing all the new art. For his part, Orlando is transferring the original game from Multimedia Fusion 2 to Scirra's (pretty similar) game engine Construct, taking the opportunity to improve and tweak a few things at the same time. They're aiming for a 2013 release for Treasure Adventure World, with a price "reasonable for a game of this type". And caw blimey - I can't wait for this one.