Traffic 360 add-on for Flight Simulator X adds thousands of AI aircraft

Traffic 360

Yes, traffic's ubiquity in our lives often turns mornings into a march to Mordor and renders afternoons into a soliloquy with your radio tuner as you wait to move another half-inch, but it's also a necessary element of authenticity as far as vehicle simulations are concerned. The skies above take no exception. Enter Traffic 360 , an update to Just Flight's Traffic X add-on (via PCGamesN ) furnishing Flight Simulator X with fleets of AI planes taxiing on airport tarmacs and taking to the air using over half a million real-world flight schedules and plans.

Landing as either a $30/£20 standalone on November 16 or $22/£15 upgrade available now, Traffic 360 fills your sim sessions with nearly 2,500 aircraft variants such as commercial jets, military craft, and helicopters. No, mauve-bladed gyrocopters aren't included.

Bonus driveable ground vehicles such as pushback trucks and friendly follow me cars provides a grounds-eye view of an airport in full bustle, and mannable control towers provide a soft '70s style chair to observe takeoffs and landing from above. Thankfully, you can leave the actual harrowing work of directing giant, flying hunks of metal to the computer. Take a look at Just Flight's website for more info.

Omri Petitte

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