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Toxikk trailer discusses its old-school movement model

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In case you'd forgotten (opens in new tab), Toxikk is a deliberately old-fashioned multiplayer FPS that spurns regenerative health, iron sights, free-to-play, and other elements you might find in many modern-day shooters, returning to the increased mobility and much faster speed of games like Quake and Unreal Tournament. Following a 'gameplay reveal' of the early access shooter back in September (I've embedded that below), developers Reakktor Studios have released a new ten-minute video (opens in new tab) detailing the game's old-timey movement model. You'll find that at the top of this post.

It's a pretty interesting video, revealing (well, if you've not played Toxikk) that players will be running by default, and that in fact the Shift key causes you to walk instead. Double-jumping is in too, which is good news because double-jumping makes everything better. Literally everything. Adventure games, bat mitzvahs—everything. Here's some, perhaps more exciting, footage of Toxikk in action:

Ta, Blue's News (opens in new tab).

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