Totally Game: I broke my neck but rule at League of Legends

Episode seven of Totally Game, Future's documentary series showcasing remarkable gamers, is out now. Conrad broke his neck in an accident at age 17, but he hasn't let that stop him from becoming a top 15 percent League of Legends player in his spare time. "My motto in life is that hard work will beat talent" he says.

Conrad is paralysed from the chest down, and can't move or even feel all of his fingers. Nonetheless his athletic mindset has compelled him to get seriously good at League of Legends. Conrad uses a low profile keyboard and a large trackpad to play LoL with his thumbs.

If you want to see Conrad in action, he streams live on his Twitch channel. Be sure to check out the rest of the Totally Game series too, including last week's episode about how Fortnite literally saved a man's life thanks to his quick-thinking friend.

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