Totally Game: How an injury inspired an incredible Reinhardt cosplay

Totally Game is a new documentary series that shows off remarkable gamers and the way gaming has changed their lives. You'll see episodes pop up on PC Gamer and other Future sites, and the first one is out today, featuring Chad Hoku and his exceptional Reinhardt cosplay. 

Hoku lost his eye in a workshop accident in 2014, but he used his injury to bring Reinhardt, who also lost an eye, to life. Having a 3D design background, and with a lot of time spent in his workshop, Hoku, with help from his partner, was able to put together a gargantuan, elaborate costume that took months to construct. 

The cherry on top of this striking suit is an LED eye. "I can either try to hide what happened to me or I can use it as a focal point," he said. 

If you recognise Hoku and his cosplay, it might be because you saw him win the TwitchCon cosplay contest in 2016. Work was still continuing on the suit right up until the day itself, with it finally being completed the morning of the competition. The hard work and no sleep paid off, with the judges awarding him the $15,000 prize. 

"I feel like without that costume I really wouldn't be where I am today," he said. "It validated the fact that I could actually continue, I could actually live. And not only live but I could succeed."

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