Totally Game: How Fortnite saved Aidan's life

The sixth episode of Totally Game, Future's documentary series showcasing remarkable gamers, is out now. In this episode, we learn about Aidan Jackson, an 18-year-old game from Cheshire, England, who suffered a potentially life-threatening epileptic seizure while playing Fortnite with a friend across the ocean.

The quick thinking of Dia Lothora, from Richardson, Texas, ensured that Aidan made it to the hospital in time. "I think it's fair to say that video games did really save my life," said Aidan.

Aidan had left Fortnite running while he took a break due to feeling unwell. "I turned my microphone around so I could still talk to Dia," Aidan said. "I don't remember much other than feeling a little ill." 

"I knew something was wrong as soon as he started making distressing sounds," said Dia. "He was breathing really hard and it sounded like he was convulsing." Knowing about Aidan's history of seizures, Dia located and contacted the emergency services for Aidan's hometown.

"I think Dia is absolutely amazing," said Aidan's mother, Caroline. "What she did for us as a family was incredible—to think that she was able to get Aidan the help that he needed in that space of time, all before we even knew anything was wrong."

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