PC Gamer's highest hardware review scores of 2022... and the five lowest

Highest scoring hardware
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We're an exacting bunch here on PC Gamer, and we have the highest standards. We know our gear, and we'll only hand out the highest review scores to the kit that meets, or exceeds those standards. And, of the 200+ PC gaming products we've reviewed over the course of 2022, only 19 have managed to get over the 90% mark.

Yes, we still use the hundred point range, get over it.

It's a somewhat surprising list, with some names you might not expect to be in there, and some you might have thought would make it into the top echelons of PC gaming gear this year. I definitely reckon you'll be surprised to see which brand managed to get the absolute highest score of the year.

The fact there's no AMD or Nvidia kit repping in the top tier of our reviews is likely not a surprise, and is largely a symptom of the fact that both have launched new hardware with unrealistic price tags. And that doesn't win them any favours with us.

But with everything from gaming headsets, to CPUs, to PCs and screens, there's a good spread of gear to whet your appetite. And then, just to balance out all the positivity, I've dropped the five lowest scoring products in at the bottom.

Seems like I'm the mean one, too, because all of the lowest scores were handed out by yours truly. Ain't I a stinker?

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