Tomb-raiding tactics game Pathway picked up by Chucklefish

Pathway is a turn-based RPG about raiding temples and tombs in an alternate pre-WWII era where, on top of breaking the Treaty of Versailles, Germany is spending 1936 investing in occult mysticism. Apparently they're onto something ghastly, so your friend Morten tries to put a stop to their plans but winds up captured. That's where you come in with your party of tomb raiders. 

Something of a follow-up to developer Robotality's previous game, the sci-fi Halfway, Pathway focuses on finding unique stories in procedurally generated adventures. Every playthrough is about bebopping between temples and beating the Nazis to the punch, but Robotality promises "a new procedural map and a different set of unique story encounters" for each run. 

Moment-to-moment action is turn-based and squad-based. You can assemble a party from 16 different companions you'll encounter on your travels. In a Steam Community post, Robotality described Pathway's combat as "quite different to Halfway" and less reliant on RNG, adding that "there's still an element of randomness involved." 

Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish recently snapped up Pathway after falling in love with its "custom pixel/voxel hybrid technology" which, odd as it sounds, sure looks nice in the official trailer. 

Pathway will come to PC later this year. 

As it happens, there's yet more occult Nazi killing in the pipes: have a look at Acthung! Cthulhu Tactics.

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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