Tom Clancy's The Division is coming to PC

After umming and ahhing about a PC version of the Division for several months now, Ubisoft has finally confirmed that, yes, the most interesting Tom Clancy game on the horizon is indeed coming to PC - and apparently we have ourselves to thank for this decision. Well, not me exactly and perhaps not even you - I'm talking about the thousands of people that signed the petition , wrote comments on things and made all those sacrifices to Kali. Their hard work has apparently paid off, as revealed just now on the Ubiblog .

As Executive Producer Fredrik Rundqvist says in the following video, "Since E3 we have been carefully listening to what has been said on the internet. I can't stress enough how important it has been for us to feel your support, interest and commitment to the game. Your opinions matter to us."

"I'm very pleased to announce that the game will be available on PC," he continues. "Massive Entertainment has its roots in PC development with titles like Ground Control and World in Conflict. You can be certain that we will provide you with a first-rate PC experience."

Huzzah! Unless it was all a big marketing ploy, then: nuzzah. Either way, we're getting The Division, which is good news. Here's Rundqvist saying that in video form, if you don't believe me:

For more on The Division, have a read what we've written about it here . Ubisoft will apparently have "more new intel" about the game later in this GamesCom-flavoured week.

Tom Sykes

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