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Titanfall 2's Monarch's Reign DLC releases next week, so here's a trailer

Titanfall 2's next DLC will release next week – May 30 to be exact – and it'll introduce a brand new titan and a rejigged map from the original game. Dubbed Monarch's Reign, the new titan is the titular Monarch, a "mid-range Vanguard-class Titan" which can upgrade on the fly, mid-battle.

"Monarch’s design is based on the salvaged, badly burnt remains of two Vanguard-class Titans recovered by the IMC from the Battle of Typhon," Respawn explains. "While the Vanguard-class was designed by the Militia for armed recon deep behind enemy lines, the IMC’s mandate for Monarch focused on flexibility through survival and support options, to serve many operational roles."

The other big addition is the Relic map, which you'll recognise from the original Titanfall if you played it. Some updates to the Crashsite map are also being ushered in, with "around 100" collision fixes throughout and an extra eight ziplines added. Oh, and more wallrunning opportunities. 

Those are the biggies, but the full list of updates are over here. Check out the trailer below.

Shaun Prescott
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