Titanfall 2 release date, single-player campaign accidentally revealed (updated)

Update: EA went ahead and posted the official trailer, which you can watch above. Original story below.

Apparently, EA started streaming a rehearsal of its Titanfall 2 presentation this morning during a test of its EA Play livestream, which should go live for real later today at 1PM Pacific. Several watchful sources say that the goof revealed Titanfall 2 will release October 28, 2016, right between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The presentation also confirms a single-player campaign this time around—the first Titanfall only had a multiplayer campaign, which was really a series of regular multiplayer matches loosely strung together. 

You can no longer rewind the test stream to see it, but someone has of course recorded what they could of it and put it on YouTube (note: this has since been taken down as the official trailer has gone up).

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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