Time To Live announced: multiplayer deathmatch from the creators of Surgeon Simulator

If you're anything like me, I'm going to have to quickly manage your expectations. When I first heard that Bossa Studios - the folks responsible for Surgeon Simulator 2013 - were making a multiplayer deathmatch game called Time To Live, I assumed it'd involve slicing and/or dicing organs in a two-way surgery off. Not so, as the trailer reveals. Instead, it's a top-down, arena-based shopping battler, in which only futuristic commercialism can delay your impending demise.

In the video's description, Bossa are quick to note that the footage hasn't been taken from the game, but rather the game's alpha demo, which you can play for free over at Kongregate .

Your job is to run around the hex-grid arena, standing on beneficial tiles that boost your money and time. Periodically, all players will enter the competitive shopping phase, in which the price of power ups rapidly ticks down. You've the option to buy something immediately - securing it for a high price - or to wait, hoping you can get a better deal, without being outbid by your opponents. After this, it's back to the arena, at which point you've the chance to deploy your purchased attacks or defensive bonuses.

It's an enjoyable arcade strategy, which shows great potential for a full release. You can follow the game's progress over at the Time To Live Facebook page .

Thanks, Eurogamer .

Phil Savage

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