This week's winners


Welcome to this week's winners, where we round up the results of our most recent competitions. We're dual wielding competitions this week, so if you've entered anything recently be sure to check inside to see if you've won. Remember, if we don't hear from you for three weeks we will give your prize to someone else .

Check inside for the latest results.

Two competitions for you this week:

Gaming Laptop Giveaway

We gave away a top of the line gaming laptop costing over £1,000, asking you to come up with a name for your own pro gaming clan.

The winner was SuperNashwan for the most groan-worthy pun imaginable:

"Banned of Brothers", because we'd always be cheating in World War II shooters.

Excruciating sir. I applaud you. Better than that I offer you a laptop. Private message me on the forums with your address and we'll get it sent your way.

Limbo Giveway

We had not one, not two, but twenty whole Limbo Steam codes to give away. To win, you had to design spider related games to make Richard Cobbett shiver in fear.

The response was more terrifying than I could ever have imagined. Here are some highlights:

"The idea of the game is that you play Itsy Bitsy, a spider that just happens to be a fan of Richard Cobbett and wants to get an autograph/subscription to PCGamer. You start at Richards feet and have to climb up his trouser leg..."

"You are the mother, ready with her eggs, and you must find a suitable host. Thankfully, good ol' Richard just happens to be walking by. You drop from above and land on his shoulder, but you need a much more moist and warm area. Your goal is to find an appropriate path up Richard's neck and face to burrow your children in his eyelid by only stepping on his neck/facial hair so as not to be noticed..."

"League of Spiders. Richard on his own defending a single bathtub against waves and waves of arachnids, each armed with a variety of weapons ranging from rolling pins to spoons, each time Richard successfully kills one he levels up allowing him to grow another testicle to increase his bravery stat."

"Spidercraft, you create structures of webs in Richard Cobbett's randomly generated and infinite house..."

Congratulations too (deep breath) jeffreyz, Andromeda, Lockoman, Tehan, Random2323, LonelyCheeyto, Gsan, midgemage, Tykh02, xruiner89, Terraval, Domineeto, jekritter, BattleMoose87, Zenrir, Steed, B1G_D, ElephantEatsTheProfits, Sir Trigg and The Sinologist . You are all horrible, horrible people. Have some free stuff.

Winners should a contact me on the forums and I will private message them their Steam code.

If you didn't win, unlucky, but I'll be back with more competitions soon!