This week's winners

Might and Magic figure

That's all she wrote ladies and gentlemen, the fat lady has sung. I'm closing the curtain on two weeks of massive giveaways and declaring the winners of all four of our currently running competitions.

So if you entered into the competitions for the Cyborg Rat, the Steelseries keyboards, Battlefield 3 or the Might and Magic figure, check inside to see if you've been successful.

Cyborg Rat and Vindictus Cash

We offered you a brand new Cyborg R.A.T. 7 albino gaming mouse , a set of Cyborg ambX gaming lights and a bunch of Vindictus cash, asking you to design an over the top PC gaming peripheral to enter. There were some fantastic entries in this one, and I'm sad I can't give you all a prize, but only two could win:

First prize went to Chumbaniya and his 'helping hand' which performs a gentlemenly handshake with your opponent, bringing respect back into the gaming arena, quite so! He who wins the mouse, lights and 10,000 NX cash, congratulations!

Second prize goes to SilentViolence for his APE Automatic Performance Enhancer, which sends hordes of monkeys in front of your guns to boost your kill/death ration and convince you all your expensive perepherals are worthwhile. He wins 10,000 NX cash to spend in Vindictus. Well done sir!

If you've won, send a message to our Competitions inbox on the forums with your Address (in the case of NAME) and Vindictus username, and we'll see you money debited into your account.

Steelseries and Runes of Magic giveaway

We gave away a bundle of Steelseries and Runes of Magic goodies, asking you how you'd use keyboard shortcuts in the real world. I learnt a lot of new shortcuts judging this one:

First prize went to Pynkfloyd , who plans to bash F8 on startup to enter safe mode. I can only assume he believes in re-incarnation, or he's already missed his shot. Thankfully he wasn't too late to win a Steelseries Shift Keyboard with MMO Accessory , a Steelseries Siberia headset and a Runes of Magic Mousemat .

Second place was fraznn23 who planned to use Ctl B to stand out from the crowd. He gets a all of the above, minus the headset.

Meanwhile runners up Zulu , ChickenMcFail , and penzziz win a Runes of Magic mousemat each.

Winners could send a message to our Competitions inbox with their name and address so that we can mail you your prizes.

Battlefield 3 gaming lights giveaway

EA gave us a copy of Battlefield 3, a set of , a set of Cyborg ambX gaming lights and a copy of the Battlefield 3 novel by Andy McNab to give away. In return we asked you to tell design us a battlefield to fight on.

A few people suggested turning the ongoing Battlefield and Call of Duty rivalry into a map, but RedTop89 's attempt, which sees players capturing retail outlets in order to generate sales from their fans was the most imaginative attempt.

Just drop us a line at the Competitions inbox with your address and we'll put your prizes in the post.

Might and Magic Heroes VI figurine giveaway

We got an enormous angel figurine for Might and Magic Heroes VI, so we decided to give it away to you guys! We asked you to design us a game about angels, and your imaginations ran wild.

There can only be one winner however, and that winner was Southpaw , whose artsy game 'Free Will' sees you as an Angel sent to judge crimes on earth, facing the moral choice whether or not to use your powers to interfere with the freedom of mortals.

Congratulations Southpaw! Send your name and address to our Competitions inbox and we'll send you massive prize.

That's a wrap folks, if you didn't win, unlucky. We'll be launching far more competitions in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled and your wits sharp.