This week's best free PC games


It's that time of the week again, folks: the time when we all wave goodbye to work for a couple of days, and settle down to play some games. But what if you haven't bought any games recently? What if you'd rather spend your hard-earned cash on getting drunk tonight, instead of shelling out several notes on one of the hottest new releases? Never fear, for PC Gamer's here, with this week's selection of freebies we've found scattered around the internet.

1899 Steam & Spirit

By Moloc Lab. Play it on the website .

1899 Steam & Spirit needs your help. And so do I.

It's an adventure game which, quite spectacularly, is being built entirely in HTML and Javascript. That's enough of a reason to point you in its direction, because there's no doubt that this is an impressive achievement, despite its blocky graphics, odd music, and completely bonkers dialogue which I assume is a victim of some online translation program or something.

It already has a nice, surreal vibe to it, but the developers are hoping to keep on churning out future episodes. To do that, they need some help funding their endeavours, so they've set up an IndieGoGo donations page to allow them to keep making the game but never need to charge for it.

Here's where I need your help, though: I'm stuck in the first bloody room. I've been stuck in this room for about 20 minutes, I'm pretty sure I've clicked on, combined and generally used everything I can, but my door key is still stuck down the sink. Am I just an idiot? Can you get further? Leave a comment if you'd like to laugh at me.


By Preloaded/[adult swim] . Play it on the [as] website .

zOMT is a nice sorta-tower-defence game that's been added to the increasingly populated list of decent games on [adult swim]'s website. In it, you generate mana by getting little men to worship at your totem pole, and spend said mana on new defensive units, as well as a variety of special abilities and power-ups.

While it is at heart a basic game, plenty of smart additions make zOMT feel more exhaustive than it actually is, your range of defensive options surprisingly creative at their best. At only 15 levels long, zOMT might seem a bit insubstantial, but there's actually a great deal of challenge to the proceedings - and its pleasant, original art style means it's always a joy to look at, as well as to play.

Retirement Home Roundup

By Team #IT . Download it from IndieDB .

This is an extremely silly game. You play as a worker at the local retirement home, and it's your job to make sure its elderly residents all get on the bus for their day trip - and then back on again when they need to return home.

To do so, you've to shove them, push their wheelchairs, and just generally be a bit of a bully until they comply with your wishes. If they're being especially stubborn, you've got a gun which fires tapioca pudding - a dessert sure to get the residents running towards the point of impact as if they were as fit as a 14-year-old.

There are obstacles, too, such as puddles the residents can slip on and, worryingly, electrical items that can full-on electrocute them. It sounds crude and stupid, and it often is, but there's also a knowing sense of humour that runs through the whole game. It's low-budget, basic and ridiculous, but it knows it. That's kind of the point.

Fender Bender

By RocketHawk Games . Download it from IndieDB .

Fender Bender is every deathmatch game you've ever played - except this time, you're shooting your opponents with vehicle-mounted weapons as you drive around one of two carefully crafted arenas.

The game's a little light on content - there are only six cars at present, and only three game modes, as well as the disappointing duo of maps. But while Fender Bender could to to be made more substantial in the future, it's already a whole load of fun.

The game plays out an an agreeably mad pace, and there are plenty of glorious 'splodes to be seen. It's all delightful macho nonsense, with over-the-top voice work and more flying shrapnel than you can shake a stick at. The music powers on through while the engines rev. It's always a lot of fun.

There's also Xbox 360 controller support, and up to four players can gather around the same machine, playing in split-screen mode. Fender Bender's hardly the greatest deathmatch shooter you'll ever play, but it gets enough right that it's a healthy dose of fun in small doses.