This Valheim labeled storage box mod will change your life

Valheim item drawer mod
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Since Valheim launched, busy Vikings have been fighting to keep their storage chests organized as often as they've been fighting trolls and greydwarfs. 

First, someone figured out how to stack chests on top of one another using little wooden shelves, then someone realized you could place the chests sideways to cram more of them into a smaller space. Extensive labeling systems using wooden signs were quick to follow, though it's still remarkably easy for your storage room, filled with rows of identical chests, to get disorganized from time to time.

Well, here's a life-changing solution for your Viking's storage needs. It's the Item Drawers mod. This exceedingly clever mod adds a new craftable box (it requires 10 fine wood) that will transform your storage room in an absolute paragon of organization.

Deposit any item or stack of items into a drawer, and you'll see an icon for that item appear on the outside of the drawer, along with the number of that item displayed on the outside. It's a thing of absolute beauty. Now you know not only what item is inside the drawer, but how much of it there is.

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No more opening box after box trying to remember where you crammed your spare sausages. No more accidentally dumping dandelions in the chest meant for ores. No more accidentally clicking on those wooden signs while you're rushing and rummaging. No more need for signs at all! The drawer automatically makes a label for you.

And it's not just easier to see what your supply situation is at a glance. It makes it simple to deposit and remove items, too. Even if you take the entire stack out of a drawer, the icon will remain, so your designated honey storage box can always be your designated honey storage box, even when it's empty. A simple click will automatically deposit all items in your inventory into the matching box, too, making it a snap to unload quickly after a gathering session. And if you decide you want to use that particular box for something else, you can clear the icon and set the box to a blank container again quickly.

Each box can only contain one type of item, but the boxes are considerably smaller than vanilla chests, and they mount directly onto a wall so you can easily stack them without messing around with shelving. Okay, it's a bit of a cheat on the game's storage system, but just think of it as Viking magic.

You'll find this fantastic mod here on Nexus Mods, and as many Valheim mods do, it requires BepInEx as well. Once you've got that installed, just drop the Item Drawers dll file into the plugins folder and start transforming your storage room into a paradise.

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