This UK 4K TV deal saves you over £100 on a 50-inch 4K TV at Amazon

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If you fancy making a screen-size jump and try PC gaming on a TV, Philips looks like the place to go at the moment: the Philips 50PUS7304 is a 50" 4K display that you can add to your videogame shrine for only £459 (opens in new tab) at Amazon.

But the picture quality of the slim, Ultra HD screen is only part of the story: the gorgeous Philips Ambilight tech illuminates the back of your panel based on the content you're viewing or playing. Late-night gaming session will never be the same again, especially with Dolby Atmos sound thrown in, too. That said, while Amazon have reduced the TV by 54% on the £1000 list price, we have seen this same reduction previously, but this is still the lowest price to which the Philips 50PUS7304 has plunged in the past. Nevertheless, if you've been holding fire on 4K gaming on your couch, this is a great value set for you to make that leap.

Philips 50PUS7304 50-Inch 4K Smart TV | £459 (save £541 off list price) (opens in new tab)

Philips 50PUS7304 50-Inch 4K Smart TV | £459 (save £541 off list price) (opens in new tab)
Match the visual beauty on screen behind it with Philips' pretty Ambilight tech. It's at its lowest ever asking price, too.

We're compiling a master list of all the best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals from across the web, from the latest monitors to the very best storage drives. Stay tuned to PC Gamer all through Cyber Monday for the latest savings.

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