This Sekiro first-person mod is only for the fearless

Since plenty of people have beaten Sekiro by now, it's clearly not challenging enough. Thank goodness, then, that modder Zullie the Witch has put together a Cheat Engine 6.6 script that turns Sekiro into an intimidating first-person game. You can see how it looks above. 

The duels look great and I'm a sucker for first-person melee, but I can already see the countless deaths now. I confess I've not even finished it in third-person yet, so this would probably destroy me. 

You can find mod instructions on the Nexus page, and Zullie notes that you can optionally hide the Mortal Blade, if you've got it, which will stop it clipping but won't stop you from being able to use its power. 

Take a look at our round-up of the best Sekiro mods for more overhauls, tweaks and skins. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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