This real life Dawn of War 3 Space Marine Power Fist is awesome

After months of hype, Sega and Relic Entertainment's Dawn of War 3 lands tomorrow. In preparation, you may have taken part in last weekend's multiplayer open beta, or perused our review in progress—however if you're after some light relief ahead of time, this real life Space Marine Power Fist has you covered. 

Working alongside both Relic and Sega, the UK-based production company REWIND has crafted a working replica of the Blood Ravens' iconic melee mit that's best known for crushing skulls on the battlefield.

Using in-game DoW models to ensure likeness, the real deal is reinforced using an "iso-elastic kinematic camera stabilising platform" and a harness helps spread its weight while also holding two air canisters used to "power parts from an industrial pneumatic cylinder which delivers up to 3000 PSI to the Power Fist in addition to the user’s strength."

As this is getting increasingly technical, here's Sega with more on the Power Fist's specifications:

"The design of the weapon was recreated exactly from in-game Dawn of War models, and 3D printed in glass reinforced nylon monocoque. The 6KG fingers and impact elements were then CNC machine milled from aerospace aluminium to ensure durability. The in-game weapon when fixed to the mighty arm of a Space Marine, can punch through almost any defence, even hammering through the side of tanks to tear out the crew. While the real life version isn’t quite that powerful, it is capable of punching straight through a brick wall."

Sadly, REWIND's Power Fist doesn't appear to be for sale, however here's a making of-type video should you wish to give it a go yourself:

Dawn of War 3, the videogame, is due tomorrow, April 27.