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This re-creation of Metroid Fusion in Minecraft is very impressive

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(Image credit: Mojang | Nyubug)

Recreating ye olde games in Minecraft isn't new: someone made Pokemon Red in its completion a couple of years ago, and it's even possible to build a BASIC interpreter. But that doesn't make reddit user Nyubug's achievement any less impressive, because their in-progress recreation of Game Boy Advance platformer Metroid Fusion is, to be honest, quite astonishing.

I'm recreating Metroid Fusion in Vanilla Minecraft! from r/Minecraft

That's footage of the recreation above, and at first it feels like we're watching a stock-standard gameplay video of the original game. But thirty seconds in, the Minecraft player-character flies away from what is actually a large in-world screen showing the older game in action.

"Currently, the system has a working smooth camera, player physics, sprite and background animations," Nyubug writes on reddit. "I've tried to match the original game as close as possible." A custom vanilla shader system is used for the recreation "using spectate mode shaders and resource packs" though no mods are implemented.

Witnessing the magic of community creations is one of the best things about Minecraft. For example: Ushio Tokura's in-game sculptures are true sights to behold.

Shaun Prescott
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