This new Control trailer shows off its ray traced lighting effects

Remedy has released another new trailer for Control with ray traced global illumination enabled throughout the footage.

The trailer looks great, and a lot of that is down to Control's striking art design—which to my mind is reminiscent of Christopher Nolan's visual style. But Nvidia's ray tracing effects are easy to see in several shots, adding extra visual depth to reflections and real-time shadows.

Sometimes they're subtle, such as Jesse's reflection as she approaches a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking an interior courtyard. The effects are much more obvious as she's running through a room causing cascades of paper or blowing holes in concrete pillars with her pistol: the light from explosions realistically bounces off each chunk of debris.

You can compare how a scene in Control looks with RTX on and off with this image from Nvidia.

Control comes out on PC August 27. While you'll need a newer graphics card to get all the ray traced effects singing, fortunately the system requirements aren't too steep.