Control looks very shiny in this RTX gameplay trailer

Control takes place inside the tricky, mind-bending Federal Bureau of Control—a stark, modern building without too many human touches. It doesn't look like a very welcoming place. Judging by this E3 gameplay trailer from Nvidia, however, it will look a lot shinier with an RTX card. 

Just look at that floor. It's so reflective you could peer into your soul. And someone has obviously splashed out on the most expensive window cleaner in the supermarket, because those windows are spotless. It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to pretend I don't care about ray tracing when I'm getting excited about reflections. 

On RTX cards, Nvidia says, Control with have real-time ray tracing with realistic, translucent reflections, as well as other effects like contact shadows and diffuse global illumination. 

I'm not quiet ready to get rid of my 1080 Ti yet, but it sure is tempting. Apart from the price, which still isn't very tempting at all.

Control is due out on August 27.    

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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