This new BitFenix case looks like a Portal turret

Sometimes you want your PC case to be a nondescript black box. Others might want a nice big window which allows you to see all your hardware and fancy lighting inside. But some of you might want your PC to look like a sentry turret from the Portal series. If that's the case, BitFenix has you covered. 

The BitFenix portal is a mini-ITX case, and the design similarities to Valve's games aren't accidental. There's even a companion cube inside the O of the Portal logo. The case, which comes in black or white, has rounded edges and a black chassis which actually lifts the whole machine (which BitFenix calls "the inner chamber") off the surface it's resting on. 

It's designed for an ITX motherboard, but there's room here for graphics cards up to 300mm (which is most of them), and cooling is handled by a 120mm intake and 80mm exhaust fans. Plus, the case supports a 120mm radiator for AIO or custom cooling solutions. Inside you'll be able to house two 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch drives. Limiting factors include CPU cooler height, with a maximum of 125mm, and the fact it only supports SFX form factor power supplies. 

The case also comes with an optional window on top, and it features an inverted motherboard tray so you'll mainly be able to see your GPU up there. The motherboard tray itself slides in and out on ball-bearing runners. As for the case dimensions, it measures 247 x 395 x 411 with the stand, or 185 x 382 x 411 without. 

All four styles of the case are available now for the same price of $140 / £120

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