This madcap five buck microshooter just got a surprise free content update

Chop Goblins gameplay of greek columns under sunset sky over pool of water
(Image credit: David Szymanski)

Dusk creator David Szymanski has been busy, cranking out two fantastic micro games in the past year, one of which is being made into a movie. The other, more recent project, Chop Goblins, is a far more arcadey and carefree affair than Iron Lung, and the half-hour FPS just got an update with new levels and features.

The biggest addition is those "remix levels," which Szymanski describes as "re-ordered versions of the five levels featuring adjustments to times of day, enemy spawns, weapon progression, and more!" I dig this as an extra way to squeeze juice out of these maps⁠—it feels like a real throwback, something Capcom would have as an unlock after beating a game once or a Chop Goblins "Master Quest." Increasing its replayability also helps bolster the game's draw as a speed running and score attack destination.

Patch 1.3 also adds a mirror mode, creatively titled "Nilbog Mode," which not only flips the levels but also puts your gun on the left side of the screen like all those guys who made Counter-Strike 1.6 killstreak videos on YouTube—were they all left-handed, or did they just like the look? 

That's all for free, but for a buck extra Chop Goblins now also has a "Cabinet of Curiosities" DLC which includes "a collection of Chop Goblins wallpapers, avatars, memes (by the ever-great Kino Fabino), and more!" Chop Goblins is a great little romp of an FPS while being about 70% less stressful than Iron Lung, and it's great to see it continue to be supported like this.

Chop Goblins parody of NWA Straight Outta Compton showing GWA Straight Outta Goblin

(Image credit: David Szymanski)
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