This Is the Police 2 goes live three days early, for a weird reason

The law enforcement management sim/adventure This Is the Police 2 went live today on Steam. And if you're saying to yourself, "But I thought it wasn't supposed to come out until August 2," then you're pretty much reliving the conversation I had earlier today with the PR rep. As it turns out, the game did come out early—and there is a reason. 

Remember in 2016 when This Is the Police was delayed by a couple of days, not due to any technical problems but because publisher EuroVideo forgot to click on "ready for final approval from Steam?" Putting This Is the Police 2 out early, apparently, is a way to balance the cosmic scales. 

"For the sequel, they decided to flip the scenario and secretly launch it a few days before the planned release date as a call back to that," the rep told me. He also admitted that he wasn't sure whether or not they were actually going to go through with it until yesterday.

This Is the Police 2 sees Jack Boyd, the anti-hero of the first game, evade the noose and take up a job advising the sheriff of a remote, small-town police force. The corruption-driven narrative of the first game is bolstered by the addition of an XCOM-flavored layer of tactical combat. Does it work? Read our review (which also went live today) to find out. 

Andy Chalk

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