This GTA 6 'leak' is detailed, but almost certainly fake

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An alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 'leak' appeared on Reddit on the weekend and, while it is quite detailed, it's probably bogus. Definitely. But as filled with probable nonsense as it is, it's tantalising all the same.

We'll visit Vice City again, apparently, and South America, and we'll even get to visit Cuba. And it will span decades, with places changing as the years roll by. We'll be able to build our very own drug empire, too, evoking the criminally underrated Chinatown Wars. Narcos is an inspiration. Sounds interesting. But it's fake. Sorry.

Reddit user JackOLantern1982 is apparently getting their information from people who have worked at PC Gamer and Kotaku. It's news to us. The 'leak' was followed up by another one, this time from gfk53, who apparently has an "inside source". Some of the details are the same, others are different.   

"Weather is being modeling [sic] to create category 4-5 hurricanes," wrote gfk53. Despite being set in a part of the world that has just one kind of weather, GTA 5 actually had quite a bit of variety, but none of it really affected the world. Hurricanes getting in the way of a criminal caper sound pretty neat. Maybe Rockstar will be inspired.

Other unverified details include that it will only have a single protagonist and that it won't be available for this generation of consoles, which seems even more unlikely than most of the stuff in the list, especially since Rockstar, according to the 'leak', started developing it in 2012. 

Take all of this with a massive truck of salt. GTA 6 is almost certainly coming, but if it bears a resemblance to stuff from these Reddit posts, it will probably be down to luck.

I reached out to Rockstar but have yet to hear back. 

Cheers, GamesRadar.

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