This Fallout: New Vegas dismemberment mod is absolutely brutal

If you thought The Legion's penchant for roadside crucifixion in Fallout: New Vegas was barbaric, SuBNeRoCL and Asurah's Live Dismemberment mod brings new levels of brutal execution to the Mojave Wasteland. 

I mean, we've all done it—we've all hacked away at the lifeless corpse of a Raider or Boomer or Legionite till their mutilated limbs have slid off their body like butter from a baked potato. But Live Dismemberment lets you forcibly remove the arms and legs of hostile pursuers while they're still alive. 

In normal circumstances, repeatedly targeting a specific appendage would eventually cripple said body part. Here, though, the limb in question will either explode or sever—depending on how much damage you deal. 

Here's some of that in practice:

Co-creator SuBNeRoCL recommends complimenting Live Dismemberment with Roy Batty's BLEED, and notes that their mod requires the JIP LN plugin prior to installation.  

"If a leg is dismembered, the NPC will crawl on the ground," says SuBNeRoCL. "If the left arm is dismembered, NPCs will be restricted to singe-handed weapons (pistols, knives). If the right arm is dismembered, NPCs will flee combat."

SuBNeRoCL also points out that dismembered characters can't be targeted with VATS, but I guess you've probably dealt enough damage by that point. 

More information, including installation instructions, can be found on the Live Dismemberment Nexus Mods page. More player-made projects, on the other hand, can be found in our best mods for Fallout: New Vegas rundown.