This Elden Ring first-person mod certainly did not put its foolish ambitions to rest

A new Elden Ring mod has done a remarkably good job of converting the entire game into a first-person experience. First Person Souls, created by Dasaav, even comes with a trailer that wouldn't look out of place in your typical gaming showreel (thanks, PCGN), demonstrating what the Lands Between and various enemies look like in the new perspective.

It's surprising just how much this changes-up the feel of the game. Long term Fromsoft-fanciers will be especially tickled at how this echoes the King's Field games, first-person fantasy adventures that were the forerunners to the Souls series, but what's really impressive about Dasaav's work is the commitment to making the perspective work. 

The mod contains tweaked gameplay mechanics, new HUD elements to assist in combat, animation head tracking, changes to the player's movement, and lets you configure them all through an ini file and in-game. It even lets you switch in and out of first- and third-person perspectives.

It should also be compatible with most Elden Ring mods, though, as is always the case, you won't be able to play it online (unless you also install the Seamless Co-op mod by LukeYui). The exceptions are those mods that also do something to mess with the game's perspective which understandably would screw with this.

Just over a year since release, players have died more times in Elden Ring than there are people on Earth, and FromSoft's trophy cabinet must be groaning under the weight of all those game of the year awards. Modders have been making merry in that time, with everything from sick custom movesets to just turning it into Hogwarts Legacy (and yes, of course there's a Thomas the Tank Engine one). The year's big news so far is the official confirmation of an expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, which hasn't been dated or detailed yet: Though that doesn't stop us speculating about it.

Rich Stanton

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