Huge Elden Ring mod brings Hogwarts Legacy broom flight and spells to the Lands Between

By the end of my 50-hour Hogwarts Legacy playthrough, I'd had my fill of solving Merlin Trials and exploding poachers, but one thing I never got tired of was hopping onto my broom and going for a ride. It's rare to get a sandbox game that lets us so quickly carve off in any direction with no obstacles. It's an inspiring dose of freedom, which is probably why a dedicated Elden Ring modding team has been quick to bring some of Hogwarts Legacy's magic to the Lands Between.

The modding team, known as Garden of Eyes, released its Hogwarts Legacy-themed mod pack last week for Patreon supporters (as spotted by Kotaku). The current iteration of the mod is packing seven spells straight out of the game (including a few unforgivable curses), a dopey-looking Harry Potter skin, an Elder Wand weapon, and of course, flying broomsticks.

Judging by the showcase video above, the brooms really work as advertised. It looks like you summon and control the broom like you would usually control Torrent, except you can angle up and take to the skies. My first question after seeing a discount Harry Potter (Harold Plopper?) soar over Limgrave is whether the gift of flight kills all sense of danger in Elden Ring. The answer is probably yes when it comes to rank-and-file enemies, but like in Hogwarts Legacy, the broom also allows you to be picky about what you fight and in what order you explore the world, which sounds like a cool premise for a second or third Elden Ring playthrough.

I wager some boss fights become even more thrilling with verticality: The video demonstrates how Starscourge Radahn (one of Elden Ring's coolest boss battles) will try to snipe airborne wizards right off their brooms.

The added spells look neat too, especially the Crucio curse that stuns enemies by literally making them lay down and the Accio spell that yanks targets toward you. Other Hogwarts Legacy mainstays like Confringo or Lumos fail to stand out among Elden Ring's far more exciting vanilla spell list that includes conjuring entire moons and lobbing them at enemies.

Garden of Eyes has plans to expand on its Hogwarts Elden Ring mod, but there are conditions: if the showcase video above gets to 15,000 likes, the modders promise to add more spells, brooms, and characters. If it gets to 30,000 likes, they'll add "a completely functional Quidditch minigame," a feat that not even Hogwarts Legacy can match.

You can get access to this mod as well as the complete Garden of Eyes Elden Ring modlist (including an equally impressive God of War pack) by supporting at the $5 tier or above on Patreon.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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