This DIY RTX 4090 glass table build sees beauty meet the beast

Glass table build
(Image credit: Kumag1989 on Reddit)

I'm a big fan of teeny tiny mini-ITX builds that hide away your PC, but I also adore a loud and proud RGBehemoth. The choice between minimalistic style vs bright lights and displayed power is one of the hardest to make, and finding middle ground is sort of besides the point. Or that's what I thought, but it turns out there are some masters of the middle ground out there, and one such build is this simply beautiful glass desk feature.

Kumag1989 posted their glorious new build on the Nvidia Reddit which shows off one of the nices—while still achievable looking—in-desk gaming PCs I've ever seen. Rather than going small to try to fit everything into a slim build, they've gone bigger leaving a beautiful airy looking glass display, complete with a lovely fake plant. It's wonderfully clean and relaxing while still offering tonnes of usable desk space on top.

The entire glass surrounds with matching white lit fans and water cooling really makes the whole PC look more like a purposeful piece of art on display, rather than a beastly gaming machine. The square structure complete with center plant gives off futuristic zen garden vibes. 

Everything is laid out beautifully thanks to all the space used, so it feels more relaxed than cramming components into a small space. Instead here we can see everything at work and it's simply lovely.

Cooling off

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(Image credit: Cooler Master, EKWB)

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Further down in the reddit post Kumag1989 posts the specs used, which starts unsurprisingly with a custom built table. It's a shame that we haven't really seen much of a rise of premade in-case table builds given just how damned nice they can look.

It also uses a custom water cooling loop solution, but that's fairly common with fancy PC builds, and there are plenty of options on the market. If you've got the skills and materials to make something like this though, the rest of it is mostly up for purchase as is.

Glass table build

(Image credit: Kumag1989 on Reddit)

The guts of this beauty are an Intel Core i9 11900K paired with an RTX 4090 so it's definitely not just skin deep here. This is seated on a Z590 Aorus Pro ATX motherboard, with 32GB of RAM. This would be a very sweet piece of kit to game on, that's if you can tear yourself away from just admiring the build for long enough.

finally_my_cablemod_arrived_hopefully_these from r/nvidia

There are some downsides to this beauty though, as Kumag1989 admits in the thread. Having so much glass is just ripe for fingerprints, and a lot of care has to be taken around it. Doesn't matter how badly you get whooped in Overwatch 2 by an overpowered Sojourn main, there's no rage quit table slams with this bad boy around. That being said, I think looking at this beautiful build would be more than enough to calm me down even after the hardest loss.

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