This Dell gaming laptop with a 4K screen and RTX 2070 Max-Q is down to $1,350

Dell G7 15" laptop
(Image credit: Dell)

Even though most people are probably done shopping for the year, there are still plenty of great deals to be had on the best gaming laptops. Dell produces most of its gaming laptops under its Alienware branding, but there are a few models with the usual Dell label, like the excellent G5 and G7 series. Now you can get one of Dell's high-end G7 laptops for $1,349.99—a savings of $500 from the original MSRP.

The model on sale is equipped with an Intel Core i7-10750H processor, a 6-core/12-thread CPU with a turbo frequency of 4.8GHz. Other specifications include 16GB RAM, a 1TB NVme SSD for storage, a 720p webcam, and Thunderbolt 3 support. The main standout feature is the 15.6-inch 4K screen, though it only supports the standard 60Hz refresh rate, while most 1080p/1440p laptops in this price range work at 120-240Hz.

Graphics performance should be excellent, thanks to the built-in Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU. Since this is the Max-Q variant, with lower power requirements to prevent laptops from overheating (or requiring large fans/coolers), it's not quite as powerful as the regular or desktop versions of the 2070. Still, it can push enough pixels for a great gaming experience at the native 4K resolution with some games.

Dell G7 15.6" 4K Gaming Laptop | $1,349.99 (save $500)

Dell G7 15.6" 4K Gaming Laptop | $1,349.99 (save $500)
This high-end gaming laptop is $500 off the original MSRP. Dell opted to use a 4K screen here, instead of the high refresh rate 1080p/1440p screens found on most other laptops here. It's being sold by Best Buy through eBay.

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