This 512GB NVMe solid state drive is on sale for $155

If you are looking to upgrade your storage to one of the newer M.2 models that plug directly into your motherboard (assuming it has an M.2 slot), there are some decent deals on Amazon right now. One of them is for a MyDigitalSSD SBX 512GB model, which costs $154.54 after applying coupon code SBX51217 at checkout.

At that price point, most 512GB M.2 SSDs are of the SATA variety. One exception is XPG's SX7000, which runs $155 on Newegg for the 512GB model. However, MyDigitalSSD's model on Amazon is rated to run faster with up to 1,600MB/s of read performance and up to 1,300MB/s of write performance, versus 1,000MB/s and 850MB/s respectively on XPG's drive.

We haven't tested either drive (TomsHardware did and saw decent results), but for $154.54, it'd be worth rolling the dice. What we do know is that it uses TLC memory chips from Toshiba paired with a Phison E8 (PS5008-E8) controller.

Lower capacities are on sale too, with a coupon code. Here's a look at the full stack with the different coupon codes:

  • 128GB—$49.76 w/ coupon SBX12821 (down from $63)
  • 256GB—$83 w/ coupon SBX25617 (down from $100)
  • 512GB—$154.54 w/ coupon SBX51271 (down from $185)

There is also a 1TB model for $340, but we haven't been able to dig up any coupon codes for that one.

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Paul Lilly

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