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This 27-inch VA monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate is a bargain at $250

This 27-inch VA monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate is only $250 right now
Monitors with comparable specs to this deal typically cost $50+ more. (Image credit: Monoprice)

Monoprice has been my go-to vendor for various types of cables, but if I was in the market for a gaming monitor, I'd give this deal for a 27-inch VA display (2560x1440) a long, hard look. From what I can tell, it's a new entry in Monoprice's lineup (it replaces the TN model), with an aggressive price ($249.99) to boot. It's also been out of stock for a couple of weeks, but is now available.

This is a curved display with a 1500R curvature. I'm rather indifferent to curved versus flat screens, but for those who like them, here you go.

More enticing is the VA panel. Over on Newegg, Pixio's PX278 offers similar specs but is built around a TN screen, and costs $299.99. If you want to step into name-brand territory, Viewsonic's VX2758-2KP-MHD also costs $299.99 and uses an IPS screen, but is out of stock. Same with Acer's Nitro VG270U, which runs $359.99.

Monoprice 27-Inch Zero-G Curved Monitor | 1440p | 144Hz | FreeSync | DisplayHDR 400 | VA | $249.99
This monitor ticks a lot of desirable boxes for the money, not the least of which is a VA screen made by Samsung instead of a TN panel. Other monitors with comparable specs run $80 higher or more.
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In other words, Monoprice has undercut the competition. While Monoprice is not really a name brand in the monitor space, the listing indicates the panel is built by Samsung (LSM270DP02).

In addition to having a VA screen, this monitor boasts a fast 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync support, and DisplayHDR 400 certification. Monoprice doesn't list the peak brightness, but says it has a typical brightness level of 400 nits. HDR really shines (literally) at 1,000 nits on LCD displays, so I wouldn't suggest buying this for HDR alone.

That's okay, because the rest of the specifications carry no such caveats. Simply put, you won't beat this price for a monitor with these same features.

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